Working towards a sustainable future.

I live in a three bed semi with a reasonably large garden.  The soil is heavy clay and was originally woodland and is excellent for trees and fruit bushes, so that’s what I decided to grow, especially as organic fruit is very expensive to buy!  Sixteen years later, I have a small orchard and many kinds of soft fruit.  I regret that it is all grown in a higgledy piggledy manner, with no real plan.  There was originally a large expanse of lawn, which gradually disappeared as I planted more and more.  As well as all sorts of fruit, I have allowed  native wild plants to grow and have introduced others.  These provide me with edible leaves and medicinal, healing herbs.  I used to battle with slugs and snails but have long since given that up, as they don’t attack wild plants in the same way as their tender soft counterparts.

Within the house I make as much as I can in the way of crafts, preserves and baking.  I am also vegan now, so that was a whole new learning curve and a new adventure.  I hope to make this blog a sort of journeying diary through the year.